Kelsey Cottrell 027

This week I sit down with one of the best in the business Kelsey Cottrell. We talk about how Kelsey got into the sport and all aspects of her career. Kelsey opens up about the participation of women in the sport and how difficult it is to keep our young lady bowlers in the sport and some ideas to make it easier. Kelsey also has some very funny stories so I know you guys will enjoy this. Sponsored by Lawnbowls2u.

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  1. Hi Bigjimmy,
    I listened to your podcast with Kelsey and was most impressed with the conversation about ladies in our sport.
    We have a fantastic competition called ladies team challenge (LTC)
    It has come out of the need for working women to play on weekends.
    Started in 2010 now in the 8th year.
    It is played through out Brisbane Metro, sunshine coast, Toowoomba/Downs, Fraser Coast & Gold Coast so far but looking to go into NSW & VIC.
    We play 7th October – 4th November with sectional play off & finals on 11th &12th November.
    Michelle Russell is the brains behind this fantastic tough pairs comp which by the way is ungraded so you can draw the top ladies in the district/ State.
    I would live nothing more than for you to interview Michelle on your program.
    We have received no publicity in all the years but we keep plugging away at grass roots level to get more women in the green & help our wonderful game to thrive.
    It is played on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12:30pm that makes it very viable for the host clubs because they get green fees in the morning and afternoon when the men play.
    I would really appreciate if you could contact me & I will give you the link to the LTC website & Michelle Russels contact details with view to have a chat with her on your program.

    1. Fantastic Hellen I would love to have a chat to you guys. If your on Facebook just inbox me your details and we can have a chat. Thankyou for your support and feedback.

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